Bid Rounds And Blocks

23 Oct 2021

Global Block Coverage, Current Bid Rounds, and Advisers

Lynx maintains an expansive database of hydrocarbon/petroleum exploration licensing rounds and blocks covering prospective areas around the globe. We use these data in our service work and in development of our GIS Exploration Advisers.

This map shows current licensing rounds with our regional Lynx Exploration Advisers and selected block coverage. The Lynx Exploration Advisers provide an ideal introduction to the petroleum geology and exploration potential of a region for New Ventures - contact us to find out more.

You can download shapefiles of the blocks on offer for many areas by clicking on blocks on the map.

The depiction and use of boundaries and geographic names on these maps do not imply endorsement or acceptance by Lynx Information Systems

Bid Rounds Recently Expired

These bid rounds have closed within the last year.
We still have downloads available - click the links.

RegionBid Round NameOpenedClosed
East Timor Open Door Bids - 2019 Second Licensing Rounds - Timor Leste 03-Oct-2019 09-Oct-2021
Egypt Egypt 2021 Licensing Round 18-Feb-2021 01-Aug-2021
Australia Australia Acreage Release - 2020 10-Aug-2020 01-Jun-2021
Somalia Somalia Licensing Round - 2020 07-Aug-2020 12-Mar-2021
Angola Angola - 2020 Onshore Round 01-Oct-2020 10-Mar-2021
Cuba CUPET - 1st Offshore Licensing Round - 2019 04-Jun-2019 28-Feb-2021
Liberia Liberia 4th offshore Round - 2020 10-Apr-2020 28-Feb-2021
Madagascar Madagascar 2018/2019 Licensing Round 07-Nov-2018 01-Jan-2021
Gabon Gabon 12th Round - 2018/2019 07-Nov-2018 31-Dec-2020
Georgia Georgia Offshore Round - 2020 27-Apr-2020 22-Dec-2020
Bosnia Herzegovina 1st Licensing Round - 2020 FMERI Bosnia & Herzegovina 07-Jan-2020 05-Dec-2020
Malaysia Petronas MPM - Exploration - 2020 - Malaysia 30-Oct-2019 30-Nov-2020
Uruguay ANCAP - Open Uruguay Round - 2019/2020 02-May-2019 30-Nov-2020
New Zealand New Zealand - 2019 Block Offer 27-Jul-2020 04-Nov-2020
Newfoundland and Labrador Canada - Newfoundland & Labrador Offshore Round - 2020 11-Jun-2020 04-Nov-2020
Colombia Colombia - PPAA 2020 3rd Round 01-Jul-2020 30-Oct-2020
Lebanon LPA - Second Offshore Licensing Round - 2019 01-Jul-2019 30-Oct-2020

Terms of use

The Active Bid Rounds map displayed on this page, the map feeds explicitly and implicitly published here, and the shapefile downloads linked from this page are free to use for hydrocarbon exploration and academic purposes. You may not use this data to create derived works for profit.