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UK Onshore Geophysical Library

OGA 2016 Subsurface Data - Anglo Paris Basin
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OGA Reprocessed Seismic Data

The onshore datasets were reprocessed as part of a 2016 initiative by the OGA to tie onshore, transition and offshore data originally recorded in isolation and to demonstrate the enhancements that are possible by utilising modern processing sequences on historical data.

The original pre-stack field and supporting acquisition data for the 3 onshore areas of interest were all recorded under onshore licences. The underlying data was supplied by UKOGL to the OGA as part of the reprocessing project. Data was reprocessed in 2017 over 3 onshore areas of interest:

The reprocessed onshore data available to download for free from the UKOGL website as supplied by the OGA includes:

Where available, the underlying pre-stack field, supporting acquisition and navigation data as supplied to the OGA as part of the onshore reprocessing project may be licensed through UKOGL - email contact@ukogl.org.uk for more information.

This data available to download is supplied by the UK Onshore Geophysical Library, which manages the archive and release of onshore seismic data on behalf of the OGA. UKOGL do not warrant the accuracy of this data

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